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beatfn hive

  • We are "beatfn", a music collective located in Berkeley, CA, whose function is to make beats.
  • We spin a blend of both popular and independent dance/electronic music for our local community...
  • If you want to host us for an event, Contact Us!
  • Our current base of operations is Cloyne Court, part of the Berkeley Student Cooperative.

Picture of Beatfn

The beatfn hive is more than its individual members. We unite as hackers to make free and open source musical experiences that benefit everyone.

Kane Leja

  I was first introduced to electronic music in my sophomore year of college. Inspired by the emotional and instrumental nature of songs like Madeon's remix of The Island, I was drawn inexorably towards digital audio production. The more I unearthed about electronic dance music, the more I was convinced of the importance of the technical details: an appropriately shaped and filtered wash can make a world of difference when it comes to smooth transitions.

  However, being a programmer, I soon found myself wanting to control the flow of music in ways that no digital audio workstation could offer. That idea captures the essence of my approach to the greater music world: I believe that only through the combined power of customized code and controllers can we (beatfn) fully realize our potential for the production and synthesis of electronic music.

Ernest Templin

I was born in Carlsbad, CA in June of 1994 to Dana and Paul Templin. We lived in Carlsbad for the early years of my life, but eventually, when I was 5, we moved to what I would consider my childhood home: Encinitas. I attended 1st grade through 12th grade in Encinitas, and for the most part hung out with the same people that whole time. During this time I started getting into music, which started with joining choir in the fourth grade. I continued with choir until the 6th grade, while picking up the handbells (a primarily secular instrument, look it up). In 7th grade I moved to Singapore and there picked up my first "real" instrument, the bass clarinet. After playing the bass clarinet for a couple months, I found my calling in the classical instrument world and switched to the baritone saxophone, which I played through my senior year in high school. Also while in High School I picked up the piano as well as began writing music for piano and symphonic band. It wasn't until my junior year of high school that I really started getting into electronic music and began to produce, starting with amateur dubstep and slowing moving towards my passion now, which is EDM. Since that time, I have continued to improve my musical knowledge and skill in various aspects. I started looking into DJing towards the end of my senior year of high school, and have continued improving my skills ever since that point. I have now joined forces with Kane Leja (beat0) and Michael Williams (beat2), both of whom I met while living at Cloyne Court, so that we can learn and profit from eachother's knowledge. What one of us doesn't know about music, style, and programming, the other does, which makes for a powerful and talented group. Singin' family rounds since 1996.

Michael Williams

I mentor the work behind the scenes. Come visit me at dinosaur.io!

Dana M-Z

“If I should ever die, God forbid, let this be my epitaph:
The Only Proof He Needed for the Existence of God Was Music.”
― Kurt Vonnegut

My name is Dana Maier-Zucchino, and I’ve been making musical-type noises since 4th grade when I was obliged to make the unfortunate decision between joining the choir, or learning to play the violin. Violin seemed pretty badass at the time and, by the end of high school, I had been Concert Master of the school’s orchestra for three years, as well as first violin in an extra-curricular youth orchestra. 8 years ago I started bashing on percussive instruments (by far the most cathartic, enjoyable musical experience that exists), and I played/recorded with a couple bands throughout high school. I began DJing about three years ago after acquiring a copy of Traktor and a Numark Mixtrack Pro, and I have spun at a wide variety of venues, from house parties to club events on campus. I started primarily in electro-house and hip-hop, but I have since expanded my library to include the most face- melting dubstep tacks and least-annoying top 40 singles. About a year ago, I downloaded Ableton, and have funking around with music production and audio engineering since then. I listen to, and am influenced by, a tremendously wide range of artists, including Yeasayer, the Avalanches, Madeon, Flying Lotus, Dillon Francis, Kanye West, Parov Stelar, Beach House, Grizzly Bear, Pretty Lights, and Gramatik, to name a few of my favorites at the moment.

Kane QuNeo Mixxx Preset

For The Control-Hungry DJ

Last updated: 2/11/13

I (Kane) have written a preset to bring together the QuNeo and Mixxx.
If you have any issues or suggestions, I encourage you to report them here!

Get the preset: https://www.github.com/wolfbiter/kane-quneo-mixxx#kane-quneo-mixxx-preset

Quick Overview:

    - Multiple Modes: Main DJ, Library, Cuing, and Visualizer
    - LED sequencers to beats of 16
    - Autoloop (reliable loop halving for rises)
    - Play/Pause Stutters (see note at bottom)
    - Forward/Backward Beat Jumping (1, 4, 8 or 16 beats)
    - Beat Jump Stutters
    - Loop Scheduling (1,2,4 or 8 beats now or on trigger)
    - Autojump (continuous beat jumping)
    - Visual Nudge (for precise beatgridding)
    - 16 Hotcues per deck with informational LEDs
    - Support for 32+ Hotcues (in progress)
    - Hotcue Stutters
    - Cue Place/Delete Undos/Redos (in progress)
    - Beatloop Rolls
    - Auto Rate Nudge (easily and unnoticeably nudge tempo over a period of time)
    - Turntable Rotaries for Scratching
    - Levels and Rate Sliders for each deck
    - JumpSync (toggle to automatically sync a deck after any jump)
    - Beat Counters
    - Cursors and Zooms for each deck
    - Master and Deck LED VuMeters
    - 4 Sampler Decks (in progress)
    - 4 Mixing Decks (wishlist)
    - Pitch Shifting for Harmonic Mixing (wishlist)
    - Full Bank of Effects (wishlist)
    - Documentation on how I utilize 16 cues
NOTE: Stuttering is when a button activates on release rather than on press: It's a treat that makes accurate timing significantly easier.

Refer to my github repository for comprehensive documentation on all of the controls.

Page under construction - more info coming soon!

Book Us

Feel free to email us at: dj@beatfn.com.

Physical Address

You can find us at Cloyne Court: 2600 Ridge Road Berkeley, CA, 94709.

Bug Reports

Contact our webmaster at: wolfbiter@gmail.com.